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"Nova" Linda Larkin, Certified Asian Body Therapist ~ Advanced


 “Nova” Linda Larkin is a Certified Asian Body Therapist based out of Philadelphia, PA.  Nova has combined her 20 + years of experience and mastery of many energy and healing techniques into one very powerful healing session - Energy Body Therapy  Sessions- for her clients. Her session will help relieve stress, bring you clarity of mind, and help you clear suppressed emotions that cause pain and illness and block the natural energy flow in your body. Also, declutter your space with her space clearing sessions to detach from old energies that are holding you back from bringing all the newness into your life.

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Benefits of a Session with Me

Declutter and Simplify Your Life Today!


Let's work together to clean up your external surroundings.  Stop allowing your "stuff" to own you by holding onto everything.  Take control of your life and "LET GO".  I will help you through this process of letting go of excess baggage.

Ground Yourself


Where is the Best Place to be in this World?         IN YOUR OWN BODY!

Let me help you ground  so you can really connect to your physical body and feel good about yourself.    

Feel good about yourself and re-energize


Let me help lift your emotional baggage from your cellular body so you can feel good about yourself.  Let me give you a jump start and re-energize your whole being.

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Energy Body Therapy Session

Pennsylvania, United States

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Distance Healing Available Too!

**Travel expenses may be added to initial fee depending on location of services rendered.


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About Me


De-clutter your life to discover REAL FREEDOM

Do you own your "stuff"? or are you letting your "stuff" own you? simple living is key! Let me use my  20 + years of experience change your life. Let me show you how to get more energy and open the doors for all the new that's ready to come to you. 

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Let me be your guide to understanding and getting more Energy in your life!

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The energy of the world is changing let me help you integrate those changes into your life today!

I have created a life of balance let me help you do the same